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About Grandeur Global

Grandeur Global is one of the leading Australian owned & operated plastic recycling company in buying and selling various types of post-consumer & clean post-industrial plastic waste for manufacturing.

Grandeur Global is part of PuJin Group which established since 1978 and today employs over 1600 staffs across seven subsidiaries. Our diversified business portfolio covers property development, building and construction mega market, manufacturing high-tech and eco-friendly product, and shopping complexes with hotel, dinning and cinema facilities.

It has been lauded by government as an iconic enterprise representing local economic development. Our dedicated commitments to quality and environmental protection are emphasised through our ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 accreditations, and The General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine (AQSIQ) License.

PuJin Grandeur is born out the necessity to source stable and quality recovered plastic scraps around the world for its PuJin related factories. Over the years, Grandeur has developed a strong supply network from AustraliaNew ZealandNorthern America, Mexico and not only able to supply HDPE and LDPE scraps, but also has large quantities of PPPETEPSMixed Bottles, MRP Large Mixed.

Moreover, Grandeur has grown to supply large volume of plastic scraps to countries including ChinaHongKongVietnamMalaysiaSingapore etc.

Why Grandeur


Quick Payments – At Grandeur Recycling, we provide fair and prompt payment for your plastic waste. If you are looking for plastic buyers in Tennessee or plastic recycling in Georgia, we are at your service.


Reliable Transport – Don’t worry about getting your materials to us. We can provide storage and transportation solutions to fit your needs. From plastic recycling in Alabama to buying plastic in Missouri we have got you covered.


Eco-friendly Reputation – Improve your reputation as an eco-conscious company in your niche. Avoid adding to landfills by taking advantage of Seraphim’s recycling services.


Lowest Costs – Stop paying money to get rid of waste products. Instead, sell your plastic waste products to Seraphim for recycling. We specialize in plastic recycling in Alabama to Michigan and lots of states in between.

PuJin Osun Plastic Products Co., Ltd

Established in May 2008 the Pujin Osun Plastic Products Co., Ltd is the largest modernized science technology factory in the Yellow River Gold Delta Zone.

PuJin Osun has been recognized as the iconic enterprise representing its local economic. Our annual production is 305 million tones are widely used in municipal engineering projects, building and construction, telecommunication, electricity and coal mining

Factory statistics
  • The factory stretches over 100 acres
  • Runs 26 advanced production lines
  • Diversified product range from PE pipe, PVC pipe, PPR pipe and PERT pipe and fittings
  • All the products are insured under China Life Insurance Co., Ltd.
  • Quality management system conforms to ISO9001 certification
  • ISO14001 Environment Quality system credited
Why we recycle

Too much waste, too much pollution

We currently consume more resources and generate more waste than at any time in history. In fact, every year we dump a massive 2.12 billion tons of waste. If this was all put on trucks it would circle the globe 24 times. And with landfills filling up fast soon will soon be no space left.

The impact of using raw materials

√ Deforestation leads to habitat destruction and global warming

√ Landfills release harmful chemicals and greenhouse gasses.

√ Making products from raw materials requires huge amounts of energy. While recycling requires much less which preserves our precious natural resources.

  • Saving energy: Using recycled materials in manufacturing uses considerably less energy. This reduces greenhouse gas emissions which helps tackle climate change.
  • Conserving raw materials: recycling preserves natural our resources for future generations.
  • Environmental protection: recycling reduces landfill and air and water pollution.
  • Lower prices: Making products from recycled materials is much cheaper than using raw materials which means lower prices.

Recycling Knowledge
ISO 9001
ISO 14001

Our Expert Team