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Chairman -Founder Message

Through many generations ,the Grandeur Global Group was able consolidate its vast  economic footprint ,distinguished by a well-defined drive and vision of the future.

The origin of the Group dates back to 1978 ,founded as merely a pipe extrusion production company in the much lacking China.Today,as a large multi-business group that operates in different industrial sectors. Throughout times,Grandeur developed its business,opened new markets and built a solid leading market position of global reach.Today,the Group is known for its leading quality products,diverse product range and superior research & development capacity. Across the world,Grandeur is recognized as the leading supplier of natural,high-quality PVC and WPC products,providing exemplary performance.

In addition to its pipe extrusion business,the Grandeur Group has successfully expanded into several other investment areas including real estate commercial developments,hotels,and manufacturing interior, exterior WPC products which have continuously achieved remarkable results.Your continuous success of past and present investments is built on our dearest values and serves as our basis to face the future with enthusiasm and reaffirm our goal:to remain as an important cluster for integrated development of diverse sustainable corporate enterprises.

Under this framework,Grandeur Global WPC manufacturing emerged as the Group,s most recent enterprise,incorporated to explore new ideas and opportunities for the building sectors,in Asia and abroad.We always maintain our entrepreneurial spirit!
Grandeur Global Group

Shijun Liu