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    How do your recycled plastic regrinds and resin compare to prime or virgin resin?

    Our regrinds and reprocessed plastic resin is sold to companies who do injection molding, sheet extrusion, blow molding, compounding, etc. Regrinds can be used with minor equipment adjustments and save money. Some of our customers use our plastic regrind and resin at 100%, some use as an extender. At whatever usage level, recycled plastic is a major cost savings and also promotes green plastics.

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    What colors do you sell?

    Most of our feedstocks are mixed colors to go black. However, we do generate some lots of material in natural, light tints, or straight black. Ask your sales representative for more information regarding specific grades.

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    Can I try some some resin or regrind to see how it processes?

    We can provide representative samples of materials for testing and evaluation.

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    What quantities must I purchase?

    We usually sell in truckload quantities, but we can also sell in LTL quantities if freight issues are worked out.

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    Do I pick up material or do you deliver?

    We can do whichever you prefer. Pricing would be adjusted accordingly. We have a full fleet of trailers to service a wide geographic area.

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    What kind of scrap do you purchase?

    We purchase post-industrial process waste, including parts, purge, logs, trim waste, bottles, film, rolls, bales, etc. We also purchase items such as shipping crates, totes, pallets, and other items that may be considered “post-consumer.” Pictures and samples help us to determine the value of your recyclable plastic.

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