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PuJin Group Subsidiaries Briefing

Established in May 2008 the Yuncheng PuJin Aosheng Plastic Products Co.,LTD is the largest modernized science technology factory in the Yellow River Gold Delta Zone.

It has won numerous awards such as the Outstanding Enterprise award by Federation of Shanxi Business Enterprises, and Confederation of Shanxi Entrepreneurs. It was also awarded by the Product Quality Integrity Unit of the Yuncheng City Municipal government and it carries Shanxi Province’s famous trademark.

Factory Statistics:

  • The factory stretches over 100 acres
  • Runs 26 advanced production lines
  • Diversified product range from PE pipe, PVC pipe, PPR pipe and PERT pipe and fittings
  • All the products are insured under China Life Insurance Co., Ltd.
  • Quality management system conforms to ISO9001 certification
  • ISO14001 Environment Quality system credited

The PuJin Plastic & Steel Board Manufacturing Co., Ltd is the largest wood composite floor board and PVC foam board factory in northern China. It is an internationally recognized producer of natural, high-quality WPC products using high grade plastic waste. The factory covers 300 acres and was labeled as a key municipal project and an iconic industry project for the city since 2012.

The company has invested RMB 620 in R&D in a range of eco-friendly, energy efficient and waterproof composite floor boards and PVC foam board products. It exports these products to Southeast Asia, Europe, US and Australia and expects to capture over 30% market within two years.

Factory Statistics:

  • Annual production reaches 10 million square meters p.a.
  • 30 microlite pseudo-wood flooring production lines
  • 95 WPC wood floor lines
  • 15 PVC foam board lines

The PuJin Grand Hotel and shopping complex is surrounded by historically significant places such as the famous Pujiu Temple and the mysterious Iron cattle of Yellow River. The landmark four star Pu Jin Le Grand Hotel has 198 luxury suites, deluxe standard rooms, and business standard rooms over four levels.

The PuJin Grand Hotel also has spacious multifunction rooms with 300 pax, 100 pax, 50 pax and 30 pax capacity fully equipped with AV systems cater to various domestic and international workshop, conventions, business meetings, seminars and contract signing ceremonies. As well as large banquet halls and luxurious box rooms for functions and a restaurant level with entertainment bar, tea bar and game rooms.

Factory Statistics:

  • A 28,000㎡ shopping plaza
  • Two levels of food and grocery shopping
  • Two levels of function rooms
  • A two level shopping mall
  • State-of-art 3D cinema.

PuJin Real Estate Development Co., Ltd. was established in September 2002 with a registered capital of only RMB 40 million. After 10 years hard work, PuJin has grown into a highly regarded property developer and management company and employs over 700 staffs. Since its establishment PuJin Property Construction and Development Co., Ltd has built over two million square meters of residential and commercial units across the Yellow River delta.

Factory Statistics:

  • Over 37 years of professional experience
  • Investment over 30 000 millions RMB over 12 years
  • Build over 8000 household
  • Over 5000 job placement for fresh graduate
  • Recent shantytowns transformation project with local government covering 200 million ㎡ and 2000 household

Our commitment to continuous improvement in service and safety has won the company the recognition of its many fellow residents as well as the Livable Residential Park and Safe Residential Park honorary title awarded by the Residential Parks Authority.

Yongji PuJin Property Management CO., Ltd in Shanxi Provinces employs 26 full time staff and provides these services:

Factory Statistics:

  • security for residents
  • monitoring the comings and goings of human traffic and cars
  • surveillance cameras
  • rubbish removal for local buildings and neighborhoods
  • couriers, pickups and deliveries.

PuJin Interiors Mega Market in Yongji City covers 46,000 square meters with 700 outlets selling hardware, paints, ceramic tiles, glassware, lightings, stainless steel, aluminum alloy, decorative materials, sanitary ware, and electrical goods. This 18 million yuan investment project was completed in May 2002 and provided 1500 local jobs during construction. The market employs many locals and now serves as a role model for Yongji City Council town planning.

Due to the markets unique location it has reached over the years to nearby cities and regions like Linjin City in the north and RuiCheng City in the South. Sales turn-over has doubled on a yearly basis from RMB 50 million to RMB 2500 million over a 5 year period generating a tax revenue contribution of more than RM B50 million.

PuJin Group Products

PuJin Mission & Vision

The PuJin Group originated in 1978 and today employs over 1600 staff across seven subsidiaries. It has been lauded by government as an iconic enterprise representing local economic development. Our diversified business portfolio covers property development, building and construction, manufacturing high-tech and eco-friendly product, hotels, mega markets and shopping complexes. We have successfully met the most stringent quality management system having been awarded the internationally recognised ISO 9001 and ISO 140001certificates. Through many generations, the Grandeur Global Group was able consolidate its vast economic footprint, distinguished by a well defined drive and vision of the future.